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Gene Name
Inhibin, alpha
Chromosomal Location
This gene encodes the alpha subunit of inhibins A and B protein complexes. These complexes negatively regulate follicle stimulating hormone secretion from the pituitary gland. Inhibins have also been implicated in regulating numerous cellular processes including cell proliferation, apoptosis, immune response and hormone secretion.(provided by RefSeq, Dec 2010)
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Gene Ontology (GO)

GO ID Ontology Definition Evidence Reference
GO:0001501 Biological process Skeletal system development TAS 10865214
GO:0001541 Biological process Ovarian follicle development NAS 9166111
GO:0007050 Biological process Cell cycle arrest TAS 12456957
GO:0007165 Biological process Signal transduction TAS 3267209
GO:0007166 Biological process Cell surface receptor signaling pathway TAS 12456957
Protein Information
Protein Name
Inhibin alpha chain
Inhibins and activins inhibit and activate, respectively, the secretion of follitropin by the pituitary gland. Inhibins/activins are involved in regulating a number of diverse functions such as hypothalamic and pituitary hormone secretion, gonadal hormone secretion, germ cell development and maturation, erythroid differentiation, insulin secretion, nerve cell survival, embryonic axial development or bone growth, depending on their subunit composition. Inhibins appear to oppose the functions of activins
Refseq Proteins
Pfam Accession Pfam ID
PF00019 TGF_beta Transforming growth factor beta like domain

Associated Diseases

Diseases References
Autoimmunity 17625420
Cancer (adenoma) 12910679, 11556749, 15256108, 15970011, 15235911, 10810286, 11192074, 17457606, 18208800, 9888589, 16007649, 17609358, 11014571, 8930532, 7599706, 8886632, 8930532
Cancer (carcinoma) 10202672, 10320833, 16007649, 9475192, 19956521, 9570994, 11556749, 15970011
Hydatidiform mole 11603223, 10202672, 8395038
Ovarian failure premature 16390856, 15640097, 17625420, 18249384, 17933751

Dynamics of inhibin subunit and follistatin mRNA during development of normal and polycystic ovary syndrome follicles.

Fujiwara T, Sidis Y, Welt C, Lambert-Messerlian G, Fox J, Taylor A, Schneyer A
National Center for Infertility Research and Reproductive Endocrine Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts 02114, USA.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2001 Sep;86(9):4206-15.
Supporting Literature:
PubMed ID Associated gene/s Associated condition Genetic Mutation Diagnostic Criteria Association with PCOS Ethnicity Conclusion
17 women with PCOS, 7 controls 
InhA, P4, and FS increased with follicle volume, and InhB decreased significantly in non-PCOS, but not in PCOS, follicles.  

Unreviewed Literature:

PubMed / PMC ID
Title Type of study
Gene dose effect between a fat mass and obesity-associated polymorphism and body mass index was observed in Korean women with polycystic ovary syndrome but not in control women. 
Clinical study 
Modeling endocrine control of the pituitary-ovarian axis: androgenic influence and chaotic dynamics. 
In vitro 


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