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Inhibin, beta A
Chromosomal Location
The inhibin beta A subunit joins the alpha subunit to form a pituitary FSH secretion inhibitor. Inhibin has been shown to regulate gonadal stromal cell proliferation negatively and to have tumor-suppressor activity. In addition, serum levels of inhibin have been shown to reflect the size of granulosa-cell tumors and can therefore be used as a marker for primary as well as recurrent disease. Because expression in gonadal and various extragonadal tissues may vary severalfold in a tissue-specific fashion, it is proposed that inhibin may be both a growth/differentiation factor and a hormone. Furthermore, the beta A subunit forms a homodimer, activin A, and also joins with a beta B subunit to form a heterodimer, activin AB, both of which stimulate FSH secretion. Finally, it has been shown that the beta A subunit mRNA is identical to the erythroid differentiation factor subunit mRNA and that only one gene for this mRNA exists in the human genome. (provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008)
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RefSeq mRNA

Gene Ontology (GO)

GO ID Ontology Definition Evidence Reference
GO:0000082 Biological process G1/S transition of mitotic cell cycle IDA 9884026
GO:0001541 Biological process Ovarian follicle development NAS 9166111
GO:0001942 Biological process Hair follicle development IGI 10932194
GO:0002244 Biological process Hematopoietic progenitor cell differentiation IDA 15451575
GO:0006357 Biological process Regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter IDA 11948405
Protein Information
Protein Name
Inhibin beta A chain
Inhibins and activins inhibit and activate, respectively, the secretion of follitropin by the pituitary gland. Inhibins/activins are involved in regulating a number of diverse functions such as hypothalamic and pituitary hormone secretion, gonadal hormone secretion, germ cell development and maturation, erythroid differentiation, insulin secretion, nerve cell survival, embryonic axial development or bone growth, depending on their subunit composition. Inhibins appear to oppose the functions of activins
Refseq Proteins
Pfam Accession Pfam ID
PF00019 TGF_beta Transforming growth factor beta like domain
PF00688 TGFb_propeptide TGF-beta propeptide

Associated Diseases

Diseases References
Follicle arrest 16030174, 11278215, 9804215

Follicular arrest in polycystic ovary syndrome is associated with deficient inhibin A and B biosynthesis.

Welt Corrine K, Taylor Ann E, Fox Janis, Messerlian Geralyn M, Adams Judith M, Schneyer Alan L
Reproductive Endocrine Unit, Department of Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, 55 Fruit Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02114, USA.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2005 Oct;90(10):5582-7. Epub 2005 Jul 19.
Supporting Literature:
PubMed ID Associated gene/s Associated condition Genetic Mutation Diagnostic Criteria Association with PCOS Ethnicity Conclusion
Inhibin B 
Follicle arrest 
Rotterdam criteria 
These data demonstrate that inhibin A and inhibin B concentrations are significantly reduced in the follicular fluid of women with PCOS compared with those in the follicular fluid of size-matched follicles from normal women, consistent with the decreased inhibin subunit mRNA expression in previous studies. 
Inhibin B 
Follicle arrest 
Inhibin A concentrations were lower in PCOS follicles than in normal cohort follicles 

Unreviewed Literature:

PubMed / PMC ID
Title Type of study
25887459, PMC4414284
Polycystic ovarian syndrome is accompanied by repression of gene signatures associated with biosynthesis and metabolism of steroids, cholesterol and lipids. 
Animal study 


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